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The first mid-term will be on Tuesday 9/15 (A Monday for BU). The second mid-term will be on November 25.  

Meeting 1: 9/9.

Sumer and Egypt

We have seen that Egypt was in a closed environment, protected from the outside by the desert on all sides except for the opening to the sea at the end of this "test tube", an opening that was limited before the Greeks transformed the place into a colony. We have read from Herodotus that the simple people there were good natured and seem to be happy. This was another world, different technologies, the regime of floods, etc... But can we get a representation of how people looked at the political regime, the god-like pharaoh, the dominance of the priests in this test-tube. There is one place TODAY that reminds me of what it may have been like (again making adjustments to focus only on how people imagined their world), and that place is...

North Korea.

That struck me when I read today in the Telegraph the article by Michael Palin, a former Monty Python actor who went to North Korea. Read the first paragraph on page 3. 

Meeting 2: 9/16.

Metallic money

See the page "Metallic Money".
 the page "Metallic Money".

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