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Office hours: 270, Bay State Road, Room 401, Wednesday 4-7pm (send a message before Wedenesday).

TA: Max McDevit office hours 6:15-8:15PM in the Union next to Mugar library.


Readings for the week of December 4:
  • Pamfili and Chamley "French revolution and wars".
  • Tom Sargent's Nobel address. Skip Section 2. THIS READING IS REQUIRED (contrary to the announcement made in class).


  • As usual, the essential material is the lectures (slides + notes taken during the lectures). Remember that not everything that was said in the lectures is on the slides. Also, some items on the slides were omitted in the lectures and for that one has to rely on what was said in the lectures--attendance is important).
  • The readings are on the pages of TOPICS that are visible when you open the papge Ec365 (as you must have done to read this). They are FIVE items in the topics. The item "Feudalism" is only partly relevant for the mid-term.
  • In each topic, the articles are listed by an order that is determined the sequence of ideas and events. ** means a thorough reading. For *, one should have the main idea in the paper. No star above the line is useful complement. Below the line is additional material that should be useful but not necessary for the course. 


 Assignment 1 (due Tuesday, Sept 19, 1pm, to be sent by e-mail to the TA).

Write the assignment as good historians: any statement should be supported by precise references. Don't hesitate to make quotes, even long quotes if they are relevant. All the arguments in history should be as close to the evidence as possible. The reader should be have direct access to the evidence and be able to evaluate the validity of the argument. This recommendation may be relevant for some other assignments as well.

Assignment 2 (due Tuesday, Sept 26, 1pm, to be sent by e-mail to the TA). Please follow the instructions of the TA that he sent to you.

Assignment 3 due Wednesday, October 4, 11:59pm.

Assignment 4 due Tuesday, October 24, midnight.

Assignment 5 due Tuesday, October 31, 5pm.

Assignment 6 due Friday, November 10, 12pm.

There will be no further assignment before the second mid-term. (Plenty of reading already...)

First mid-term exam: Wednesday, October 11, text