Required readings (before mid-term)

A question sheet will be provided for the following three papers:

  • Fratianni, Michele U.  and Franco Spinelli (2006). ``Italian City-States and Financial Evolution,'' European Review of Economic History, 10 (3): 257-278.
  • Fratianni, Michele (2006). ``Government Debt, Reputation and Creditors? Protections: The Tale of San Giorgio,'' Review of Finance : Journal of the European Finance Association, Vol. 10 (4), 487-506.
  • Fratianni, Michele and Franco Spinelli (2007). ``Did Genoa and Venice kick a financial revolution in the quattrocento?'', WP.

Other readings:

Read the Wikipedia entry on the city-states. It is by and large, well done.

  • Pirenne, Henri (1925). Medieval Cities: Their Origins and the Revival of Trade:
    • Introduction by Michael McCormick who is one of the leading historians of what one could call the Great Intermediate Period (or the West Intermediate Period). Do browse this introduction that summarizes the current (very active) research on the GIP. Check his web site.
    • Pages 1-100.
    • Pages 101+.
  • Pezzolo, Luciano (2003). ``Fiscal system and finance in northern Italy in the early Modern Age,'' WP.
  • ------------- (2006). ``The rise and decline of a great power: Venice 1250-1650,'' WP, University of Venice.
  • -------- (2007). ``Government debts and credit markets in Renaissance Italy,'' (text). 
  • Puga, D. and D. Trefler (2014). "International trade and institutional Change: Medieval Venice's Response to Globalization," Quarterly Journal of Economics753-821.
    • Skip: Sections IV, VI (which you may read however), and the Appendix.