Lecture Notes on Sumer


(32 pages required)

They overlap to a fair extent. Focus on the pages that are indicated. If no page is indicated, the reading is not required. (However, it is on the list for a reason...). (33 pages required)

  • * Algaze, Guillermo. "The Sumerian Takeoff".  Pages 343-349 are on methodology and can be skipped. Focus on 350-368. Much overlap with the other articles.
  • * Ur, Jason (2010). "Southern Mesopotamia," text. He is an archeologist and very careful about the inference from the evidence. Very healthy reading. Focus on Sections 3 and 4 (540-545).
  • Ur, Jason (2010). "Cycles of Civilization in Northern Mesopotamia, 4400-2000 BC," text. Optional, more specialized (for us). Some of the content is incorporated in the lecture notes.
  • Garfinkle, Joe (2013). "Ancient Near Eastern City-States", Peter Fibiger Bang and Walter Scheidel, eds, chapter 3 in The Oxford Handbook of the state in the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean. Optional.

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