Assignment 4: This assignment is informal. No text is to be sent to the TA. The assignment is a set of 

questions related to the following reading of Prestwich. The readings are required. They are on material that has been covered in class and should help you for the mid-term. You may read each question first and then answer it after reading the numbered section. You may write some notes for yourself. If you want to send this notes to me, you are welcome and I will give you feedback (before the mid-term).

Assignment 5:

You may do the assignment with someone else, in which case turn in only one answer. I extend the deadline because communication may be difficult during the break. (If another assignment will be allowed in pairs, you will be asked to have a different coauthor).

Due Thursday 21, midnight.

Proceed in the following steps:

  1. Browse the paper. The depth of your reading is up to you. That paper will provide the support for the lecture on 3/18. A better understanding of the paper will improve your understanding of the lecture.
  2. For the assignment 5, read carefully the first paragraph of Section III that provides a (very short) introduction to asientos.
  3. Read this introductory text on an asiento that was written in the 1590s.
  4. Do the analysis of the contract in the assignment. (For those interested in calligraphy, the contract is on the page about the finances of Philip II.)

Answers to assignment 5. (The text of the answers is part of a paper that is about to be submitted for publication.